Doctor Puppet is a stop motion project I stumbled into then spent six years making. It’s a little confusing to explain - so bear with me!

I’m a big fan of the BBC’s classic sci fi show Doctor Who. In 2012, I turned its titular character into a stop motion puppet as an example for a class. I began posting photos of the puppet to Tumblr under the name Doctor Puppet, and they quickly gained popularity within the Doctor Who fan community. This inspired me to make a short stop motion animated Christmas video with the puppet.


In early 2013, I was invited to join The Nerdist’s network on YouTube and make additional Doctor Puppet videos. This allowed me to hire help and produce more ambitious videos. Over the next few years, I built 20 more puppets and my team and I made over a dozen stop motion animated Doctor Puppet shorts. Eight of them tell a serialized story written by me. I also ran two successful crowdfunding campaigns to raise additional funding for Doctor Puppet.

Doctor Puppet has over 3 million views on YouTube, and thousands of followers across social media. Clips have been seen on BBC America, SyFy, and in a BBC-produced documentary. I’ve had the opportunity to speak about stop motion animation and Doctor Who at conventions, schools, and libraries across the US (and one time in the UK!)


In 2018, I created a puppet variant cover for the 13th Doctor’s official comic book debut

The completion of the final Doctor Puppet video was celebrated with a screening of the eight-part story at Gallifrey One 2019, the largest Doctor Who fan convention in the world.


Here are my favorite Doctor Puppet videos.

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Team Doctor Puppet

Team Doctor Puppet at Gallifrey One in 2019

Behind the scenes:

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